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Fields of practice


Intellectual Property

  • Protection and defence of copyrights and neighbour rights: book, press, music, movie, television, radio, entertainment, photography, sculpture, graphics/design, industrial art, Internet and information technologies, privacy rights
  • Protection and defence of trademarks, patterns, and patents

Advertising, marketing et consumption

  • Implementation of the advertising regulation: purchase/sale of advertising spaces, restricted areas (alcohool, movie, book, ...).
  • Validation of advertising and promotional campaigns (contest, prize draw, free gift, voucher, ...)
  • Protection of the consumer: comparative and deceiving advertising, collection and using of personal data

Negociation, drafting and validation of contracts

  • IP/IT contracts: assignment of rights, production agreements, publishing contracts, licensing
  • Distribution Contracts (franchising) et other commercial contracts
  • Advertising agency contract, Ad sales agency contract
  • Terms and Conditions of sale or of use

Business and civil litigation

  • Tort liability:copyright infringement, passing off, unfair competition
  • Contractual liability: premature contract termination, sudden breach of an established business relationship, violation of exclusivity provisions